Create Products for Google

Use this template to create products on Google. For even more details and best practices, visit the product data attributes section in Google Merchant Center Help.


The file linked above contains two sheets: One with only the required data, the other with optional advanced data. Be sure to condense it into one sheet before you import this file to GeekSeller.

Header Description
This is a required field. Each product must have a unique SKU. It is important to note that, as on many marketplaces, this value cannot be changed easily once submitted. It can be modified at any time; however, it is strongly recommended NOT to change SKUs. It is used to track the product’s advertising history in the Merchant Center and Google Ads. If you change the SKU, you’ll overwrite your product and its history.

Best practices:

  • Avoid special characters or spaces in your SKU. Limit yourself to hyphens, underscores, numbers, and letters.
    • Correct SKU: WPA-185-BLK01-XXL
    • Incorrect SKU: BLUE WATER BOTTLE!
  • DO NOT include extra spaces before and after the SKU
Price of your product.
Currency in which your price is entered. For U.S. dollars, use USD. For other currencies use the three-letter code specified by the ISO 4217 standard.
Product Name
Title of the product to be displayed on the product details page. Max length: 150 characters. See examples and best practices.

  • Don’t include promotional text like “free shipping,” all capital letters, or gimmicky foreign characters
  • For variants include a distinguishing feature such as color or size
Description Max length: 5000 characters.

It should be simple text, but basic HTML is also supported (strong, em, ul, ol, li, br, sub, sup, div, span, dl, dt, dd). See the best practices in the Google knowledge base article.

Google accepts the following codes:

  • UPC (in North America / GTIN-12)
    12-digit number like 323456789012
    8-digit UPC-E codes should be converted to 12-digit codes
  • EAN (in Europe / GTIN-13)
    13-digit number like 3001234567892
  • JAN (in Japan / GTIN-13)
    8 or 13-digit number like 49123456 or 4901234567894
  • ISBN (for books)
    10 or 13-digit number like 1455582344 or 978-1455582341. If you have both, only include the 13-digit number. ISBN-10 are deprecated and should be converted to ISBN-13
  • ITF-14 (for multipacks / GTIN-14)
    14-digit number like 10856435001702
Content language The two-letter ISO 639-1 language code for the item.

Default: EN

 Condition  Available values: new, refurbished, or used
Product category You can use either ID (for example: 2271) or the name (for example  Clothing & Accessories > Clothing > Dresses).

Supported values are listed in the Google product taxonomy

 Link The URL directly linking to your item’s page on your website and used by Google Ads when buyers click your ad. When selling on Google Shopping Actions, this value (even though not used) is also required.
However, GeekSeller is working with the Google team to whitelist our users will not be required. Please contact support for details.
Brand If you don’t have a brand to provide, ignore this value. Don’t use N/A, Generic, No brand, or Does not exist.
Max 70 characters.
Main Image
URL to the main image of your products.

Below we provide just the most important highlights, but please see this page for details and best practices.

  • For the image URL:
    • Link to the main image of your product
    • Start with http or https
    • Use an encoded URL that complies with RFC 2396 or RFC 1738. For example, a comma would be represented as “%2C”
    • Make sure the URL can be crawled by Google (robots.txt configuration allowing Googlebot and Googlebot-image)
  • For the image itself:
    • Accurately display the product you’re selling
    • Use an accepted format: non-animated GIF (.gif), JPEG (.jpg/.jpeg), PNG (.png), BMP (.bmp), and TIFF (.tif/.tiff)
    • For non-apparel products, use an image of at least 100 x 100 pixels
    • For apparel products, use an image of at least 250 x 250 pixels
    • Don’t submit an image larger than 64 megapixels or a file larger than 16MB
    • Don’t scale up an image or submit a thumbnail
    • Don’t include promotional text, watermarks, or borders
    • Don’t submit a placeholder or a generic image
    • In Hardware (632) or Vehicles & Parts (888) categories, illustrations are accepted
    • In any paint category, single-color images are allowed
Image 1
Image 2
You can submit additional photos of your products. Read more.
Availability Supported values: in stockout of stock, preorder. GeekSeller does not allow to modify this value, as it is determined automatically based on the quantity you have on the product.
MPN Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)
Max 70 characters
Multipack A value greater than 1, keep it empty if you sell a single product.
For example, use 6 if you’re selling 6 bars of soap together.

  • This is the number of identical products sold within a merchant-defined multipack.
  • If the product’s manufacturer assembled the multipack instead of you, don’t submit this attribute
Group ID Use this value to group product variants.

  • Allowed values: alphanumeric, underscores, and dashes
  • Limits: 50 characters
  • Do not submit a Group ID if your product is not a variant

You need to use this value for a set of products that differ by one or more of these attributes:

  • color
  • size
  • pattern
  • material
  • age group
  • gender
age group
You can use these attributes with Group ID, as explained above.
The shortest and longest number of days between when an order is placed for a product and when the product ships. Do not provide them if you want to use the default values you from your Merchant Center.


  • A number greater than 1 representing days
  • Submit this attribute if you want to display the overall time it takes for a product to arrive at its destination
  • Do not include weekends
  • For products ready to be shipped the same day, submit 0
  • If your products may or may not be ready to ship on the same day, use 1 or a larger number.
  • For submitting a time range submit max_handling_time in combination with min_handling_time

Creating variations on Google

When you sell several variations of a product, group them with aGroup ID. Below is an example of a t-shirt that comes in two colors and two sizes. Each SKU represents a unique combination of attributes and is grouped with one Group ID. On Google Express this product will be shown as one product with different colors and sizes which a buyer can select from.

 SKU  Product Name  Color  Size  Group ID
 12345-S-R  Google Logo T-shirt – Small – Red  Red  S 12345
12345-M-B  Google Logo T-shirt – Medium – Blue  Blue M 12345