Sending Orders to Shopify

Please contact us at to activate it.

What does this feature do?

When this feature is active, GeekSeller sends orders from a given marketplace to Shopify and sends tracking from Shopify back to that marketplace.


Important highlights:

  • Orders must be canceled on corresponding GeekSeller panel, not on Shopify
  • GeekSeller syncs quantites between Shopify and other marketplaces every 2 hours
  • When a new order comes in, GeekSeller checks the quantity on Shopify before acknowledging it
  • Your Shopify inventory policy must be “Shopify tracks this product’s inventory”, please refer to this guide to set it up. If you have an unlimited amount of products, simply put a large number there.

  • Sellers cannot contact buyers with any promotional materials or send automated emails, invoices, or notifications. This is why we only provide the buyer’s name.
  • Each order is tagged to identify its origin
  • Shopify’s API does not allow shipping charges to be assigned to orders placed outside of Shopify. GeekSeller provides information about shipping charges and delivery expectations as notes on the order.