Using FBA to fulfill other channels (MCF program)

You can easily set up to fulfill orders from any channel using your FBA inventory.

  1. Make sure you have your Amazon account connected to our system and the channel that you want to fulfill orders by FBA is using your FBA inventory. Go to Settings > Manage Warehouses. For example, if you want to fulfill your eBay orders with FBA, you should have this flow (source: FBA, destination: eBay):
  2. Go to Settings > MCF Settings.
  3. Select Enable next to the flow you want to activate and click Save. Notice the first column on the left indicates which marketplace will be connected to which FBA account. This is important if you have multiple marketplace accounts connected. If you do not see a connection that you are looking for, this means you need to check step 1 in this guide and ensure a channel you want to connect to FBA is using FBA inventory.

Controlling shipping method for FBA orders

As default, orders fulfilled with MCF are sent as Standard. However, you can mark them to be fulfilled with three different speeds:

  • Priority – 1 business day
  • Expedited – 2 business days
  • Standard – 3-5 business days

Go to Settings > Automation Rules, and create a rule, following an example below. This setting will use an Expedited method to fulfill all the eBay orders using FBA. To make this work, you need to have the MFC fulfillment turned on for this channel, as described at the beginning of this guide.