Buy Box Tools for Amazon Sellers

GeekSeller now offers the following advanced tools for Amazon sellers.

  • Sales Visualization
  • Reporting
  • Buy Box Monitoring
  • Email Alerts

Sales Visualization

This feature allows you to:

  • Visually compare sales by SKU
  • Review your sales volume within a given time frame
  • Export your data to a CSV file


The following reports can be generated and exported to a CSV file:

  • Product Performance Data Report – See how many units of each product have been sold.
  • Product Sales Data Report – View information on each order.
  • Unsold Products Report – View all products that generated zero sales within a given time frame.

Buy Box Monitoring

Our Buy Box Monitoring feature monitors your SKUs, detecting:

  • new buy box winners
  • price changes
  • new sellers joining your listings

Our script identifies listing hijacking early and closely monitors buy box prices, helping you and your business stay competitive.

Email Alerts

Get daily notifications when:

  • The Buy Box winner changes
  • Pricing fluctuates
  • A new seller joins one of your listings