Amazon Buy Box Tools for Sellers

Amazon Buy Box is an important factor in terms of sales acquisition. GeekSeller now offers the following advanced tools for Amazon sellers.

  • Sales Visualization
  • Reporting
  • Buy Box Monitoring
  • Email Alerts

Sales Visualization

This feature allows you to:

  • Visually compare sales by SKU
  • Review your sales volume within a given time frame
  • Export your data to a CSV file


The following reports can be generated and exported to a CSV file:

  • Product Performance Data Report – See how many units of each product have been sold.
  • Product Sales Data Report – View detailed information on each order.
  • Unsold Products Report – View all products that generated zero sales within a given time frame.

Amazon Buy Box

Buy Box Monitoring

Our Amazon Buy Box Monitoring feature analyzes your SKUs, detecting:

  • new buy box winners
  • price changes
  • new sellers joining your listings

It is one of our advanced tools for Amazon sellers. Our script identifies listing hijacking early and closely monitors buy box prices, helping you and your business stay competitive.

Amazon Buy Box

Email Alerts

Get daily notifications when:

  • The Buy Box winner changes
  • Pricing fluctuates
  • A new seller joins one of your listings

Amazon Buy Box

To activate Amazon Buy Box tools for your GeekSeller account please contact our support team.