Remote Fulfillment with FBA

Remote Fulfillment with FBA is a program allowing Amazon sellers to offer products to customers in Canada and Mexico without having to send inventory to those countries. Amazon sellers can enroll in the program and create offers on and When orders are placed, their Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) inventory in US fulfillment centers is used to fulfill orders across the border directly to the customer.

Unfortunately, there is a known problem with this program causing issues with synchronizing quantities via API.  Amazon sellers complain (some examples: official Amazon forum, our partner’s support page) about stock synchronization not functioning properly after accounts opt into Remote Fulfillment with FBA.

This is the error that Amazon API returns when submitting the quantity update for some FBM SKUs: “Error – An FBA offer already exists on this SKU. To create a seller fulfilled SKU, either create a new SKU or make the SwitchFulfillmentTo value MFN. (ResultMessageCode: 96016).

At the moment there are two ways to resolve it:

  • un-enroll your account from the Remote Fulfillment with FBA program, as this program is the reason causing the problem
  • Our system can force sending affected SKUs as FBM products, please be careful with this option and ensure that the requested list of SKUs is really FBM products, otherwise, your FBA products will be converted to FBM. Please contact our support for assistance.