Amazon pending orders

GeekSeller downloads all Amazon pending orders to your Master panel and automatically reduces the quantity for them. Please see this article for details about GeekSeller Amazon integration. 

What is an Amazon Pending Order?

When a customer places an order on Amazon, it is initially in the “pending” status. Orders stay in this state for about 30 minutes while Amazon checks for fraud and authorizes payment. During this time, customers can also cancel orders.

To find orders with pending status, go to the Manage Orders page on your Amazon account and click on the Pending tab.

Pending… Pending… Pending…

If the Amazon order is pending for more than one hour, this may indicate an issue with the buyer’s payment. An order may be “pending” for longer, up to 21 days, in some circumstances. For example, when a payment fails and the customer is given time to update their payment method.

The most common reasons for orders being in pending status for more than 30 minutes are:

  • Issues with buyer’s credit card authorization.
  • The buyer selected convenience store payment but hasn’t completed it.
  • One of the FBA items ordered is out of stock.
  • The buyer qualified for free shipping for all items ordered, and the items have to be collected.

You can contact the buyer in regards to the first two reasons and resolve the issue with Amazon’s customer service.

Should I ship it?

According to the Amazon Help Center, you should not ship orders with pending status. If a buyer contacts you while the order is still in pending status you should direct them to Amazon Customer Service for more information. After the status change from Pending to Unshipped, you can ship it.

Also, you cannot cancel Amazon pending orders. The only way to do that is to contact the buyer directly and convince them to cancel the order.