Walmart Categories – Advanced

1. Go to Tools > Category finder:

2. This page allows you to see a few things:

  • A. Categories and subcategories
  • B. Attributes available for the selected categories/subcategories that can be used to distinguish variations or create a drop-down menu on a product page when a product is in a group.
  • C. In red, attributes required for a selected category
  • D. Additional assignable attributes


3. Sometimes, a seller may not find an attribute that works for a group of products that they are creating in section B. Here, Walmart provides additional attributes that can be used. However, we do not have all of them in the panel, since they are not native attributes.

For example, the category Animals does not have the attribute ‘size’ to¬†define a variation:

You can add it to a particular product by editing this product, and adding it under the tab “Additional Attributes.” Make sure to use exact spelling of attributes as provided on Walmart page. In this case ‘size’ is the correct version while inserting ‘Size’ or ‘SIZE’ would not work.

After you save a product and go to a tab Categories, a new option ‘size’ will appear, as shown below;

You can select it here and use as a variant for the attributes.

IMPORTANT. Adding those additional attributes is causing the system to show missing attributes error as shown below. At the moment it has to be there, and a seller has to just ignore it, it is an error generated by GeekSeller, not Walmart.