Walmart Shipping Methods

Walmart has strict shipping standards including unique timelines and policies. Failure to understand Walmart’s shipping standards can result in the suspension of your account so please read carefully and email us at if you need clarification.
All shipping settings have to be set up on your Walmart Seller Center directly with the shipping templates

See the table below for details about the transit times of all shipping methods:

Free Value Shipping

Free Value shipping is enabled by default and allows sellers to fulfill orders using slower, but cheaper, shipping service levels without carrier restrictions.

  • Free Value is only supported in the “48 State – Street” region
  • Free Value transit time is 3-7 business days by default
  • Free Value shipping price is free for the buyer

Please see this video for details on how to remove free value shipping of your products.

Standard, ThreeDay, and Next Day Shipping

These options can be offered in addition to or in place of Free Value Shipping.

  • These shipping methods can be enabled/disabled for any region
  • Transit times are preconfigured to the following ranges for “48 State – Street” and “48 State – PO Box” regions:
    • Standard: 2-5 business days
    • ThreeDay Shipping: 2-3 business days
    • Next Day: 0-1 business days
    • For other regions, Sellers can select different transit times.

Sellers choose what they charge buyers for these methods and have the option to offer these methods for free.

TwoDay Shipping

To use it sellers must apply to the free 2-day Delivery program first. Once you are approved you can add this shipping option.

  • If you manage the shipping yourself performance criteria must be met to be eligible for this option.
  • You can also use third-party services like Deliverr or Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) to offer it.
Freight Shipping

Large and bulky items (LTL) that can’t be delivered through ground or air carrier services must be configured with Freight shipping.

This method can only be configured with a Freight Shipping Template.

  • Freight transit time can be set to 6-10 business days.
  • Sellers can choose what they charge buyers for Freight shipping, or offer it for free.