Demand forecasting

The forecasting feature lets you choose a time period and does simple calculations while displaying relevant data.

  • ‘Total Quantity’ shows your current stock level for the selected product. We take this value from your inventory.
  • ‘Trend’ is calculated using this formula: (Ending Value – Starting Value) / Number of Periods. It gives you the monthly average change in sales, helping you understand the direction and rate of change. A positive trend means growth, while a negative trend means a decline.
  • ‘Average per Day’ is calculated by dividing the total units sold by the number of days in the chosen period.
  • ’30-Day Forecast’ multiplies the average units sold per day by 30 to estimate your sales for the next month.
  • The columns on the right show monthly sales, with the last column representing the current month. Note that current month values aren’t used for other calculations.