EDI to API migration

EDI is an older type of integration still used by companies to communicate with their trading partners. GeekSeller offers EDI integrations for companies that still require this type of connection. However, an EDI has certain limitations and disadvantages, so if your trading partner offers an API option, it is strongly recommended to use an API integration.

The migration from EDI to API is free. For monthly pricing see our standard plans.

As an official Walmart API partner, GeekSeller helps hundreds of sellers succeed on Walmart. Schedule demo to learn more.

Migrating from EDI to API

Migrating from an EDI to an API integration is a straightforward process that requires no additional certification process and should take only a few days to complete. For example, Walmart has sellers go through a simple onboarding process that has sellers disconnect their old EDI integration. Reach out to GeekSeller if you experience any trouble migrating for an EDI provider.

Follow the below steps to migrate from and EDI to API connection for Walmart DSV:

  • Step1. Invite GeekSeller to your Walmart Supplier Center – see Step 2 of our DSV onboarding article.
  • Step 2. GeekSeller support team will connect your Supplier Center with your GeekSeller account. We will also import your products to GeekSeller, sync Orders, and Quantities. This is usually done within 24 hours.
  • Step 3. You need to contact your EDI provider to disconnect your connection as you started using API instead. When your EDI integration partner is fully disconnected, you can begin using GeekSeller.

The API solution is an easy plug and play option to connect your Walmart Supplier Center with GeekSeller. Once completed, you can start using GeekSeller as an EDI alternative; no certification or testing required.

What changes after you switch from EDI to API solution?

If you work directly with somebody from the Walmart team, you should inform them before switching to an API connection, and that GeekSeller will be your new integration partner. There is no change in the way you do business with Walmart, and you will continue to be paid by Walmart in the same manner and schedule. If you require any assistance, Our team– as a certified Walmart partner– will be able to either resolve your issue or create a priority ticket with Walmart on your behalf.


EDI connections require a longer onboarding process, involving; testing, certification, and values mapping– making the connection both time and cost-prohibitive in most instances. Due to restrictions inherent in this technology, an EDI connection is limited to primarily data exchange and not the creation of product data.

All of these issues are eliminated with the introduction of modern API technology. While keeping a high-level of security, API introduced both simplicity and flexibility. There is no mapping, testing, or costly maintained data transfer documents needed. Thanks to its modern design, API allows partners to exchange any data– including product creation– to a marketplace.

Many platforms/marketplaces have, within the last decade, slowly switched from EDI to API. For example, Walmart used to offer only EDI for their Drop Ship Vendors. Today, the company provides both EDI and API options.