eBay Motors

You can add eBay Motors products on our panel. To do that products must be assigned to the eBay Motors (ID: 6000) category:

When the “eBay Motors” category is assigned, the “Parts Compatibility” tab will appear:

You can also update this data via CSV/XLS file.

  1. Use our panel to create a product with the eBay Motor category and selected compatibility values.
  2. Save the product and export it to an XLS or CSV file.
  3. Note that the Compatibility values use the following structure: Make|Model|Year|Trim|Engine.
    If multiple compatibilities are attached to a product, use a comma to separate them.
    For example:
    BMW|X5|2018|M Edition Black Fire Sport Utility 4-Door|4.4L 4395CC V8 GAS DOHC Turbocharged, BMW|X5|2018|M Sport Utility 4-Door|4.4L 4395CC V8 GAS DOHC Turbocharged, This way you can copy or copy and modify Compatibility values to other SKUs:
  4. You can upload the complete file through Products > Import products from CSV/XLS