eBay API Error: Duplicate custom variation label

Duplicate custom variation label.

This eBay API error indicates some inconsistency of a product data between the system that submits data (GeekSeller) and data about a product hat already exists on eBay under a seller’s account.

Potential reasons for this error:

  • a seller modified or republishes an item via eBay panel instead of making changes via GeekSeller panel, and now when submitting data to eBay from GeekSeller, there is conflicting information on both platforms.
  • It could also happen that a seller tries to republish a product which exists under a category of products which requirements were updated comparing to what eBay expected before.
    • For example, eBay requires now additional attributes to be added to the product, while it was not expected when a product was published initially.

Solution: remove a product from GeekSeller panel, and initiate import of all new products from eBay to GeekSeller.