Exporting products to Walmart

Please read this article in full to understand how to make sure your products get published efficiently.

Exporting to Walmart

We’re going to go over each of these steps in more detail below, but here is a breakdown of the basic steps you need to take to export your products successfully.

Simple steps
  1. Review your data to make sure you’re ready to export
  2. Export to Walmart
  3. Review your feeds from the Tools > Walmart US Feeds page
  4. Fix any issues that may have caused feeds to fail and resubmit
  5. Once all updates have been sent successfully, your updates should show on the Walmart marketplace within 24 – 48 hours

API Feed Limits

Whichever way you export, an API feed will be generated with vital information on whether or not your data has been sent successfully. Walmart places limitations on how many feeds of different types can be sent within an hour. Please see our article on the subject here: Walmart API Limits.

To export one product
  1. Click on the product title to open the edit page.
  2. Click “Save and Export to Walmart”.
To export in bulk
  1. Go to the Catalog section.
  2. Select the products you want to export.
  3. Click “Bulk action” and choose “Submit to market”.

Export Statuses

Please see this post for details about the export statuses and instructions on how to read them.