Walmart Product Statuses

Draft – Product exists only in GeekSeller database and was not submitted to Walmart yet.

Pending – This status means GeekSeller is waiting for Walmart to return information about the status of your product.

You can click Refresh Statuses to force our system to perform this update asap, however if the product was not processed yet it will return to draft status until the next status update.

Please keep in mind that in some cases the update of status via API can take even several hours.

Ready to publish – The item is in the final staging process and is ready to be published.

System problem – The item cannot be published. Contact Partner Support.

Unpublished – The item has been made unavailable on because of backend rules, such as not having inventory for too long or problems with images. Here is a list of the most common errors.

In Progress – The item is processing. An error could still occur at this point.

Stage – The item is in the final staging process but has not been published because the Seller has not gone live.

Published – This item is visible on and available for sale.

Archived – List of your archived products on Walmart.

Also please see a source from Walmart: Item object