Walmart Products Creation Guide – v3

Understanding Walmart API v3 – Categories, Subcategories, and Attributes file

This file contains a list of the categories and subcategories available in Walmart’s API v3. Sellers must specify a category and a subcategory for all products.

Column C shows the attributes available for each category. Please make sure to see how they work and how to use the category finder.

Working with a template

GeekSeller uses its own template, which is not fully compatible with Walmart’s template. The incompatibility is minor, but it was done to simplify the structure of the file. To download a copy of that template, please click here.

The template has two tabs. The first is the Simple version of the template. Simple should be used for single, simple products. The second tab is the Advanced version. Advanced is best used for groups of products. Keep in mind, the first two rows of the template must be deleted before the file can be uploaded to GeekSeller.

Creating a new template

It is usually a good idea to create your first product manually within the GeekSeller panel, then export it to a file. This way, you can see what data is required for your product more clearly and simply. Then, when you have exported this data to a CSV/XLS file, you will have a template with your product data. From here you can continue adding products by filling out the file and following the format of the first product.