How does GeekSeller calculate the GMV used to determine monthly payments?

GeekSeller is a software that uses your total sales data to calculate your bill, also called Gross Merchandise Volume (alternatively Gross Merchandise Value or GMV). The “total” can vary from platform to platform depending on how they structure order data. For simplicity, GeekSeller uses the field labeled TOTAL provided by each marketplace via API, which can vary in definition. This means that for some platforms GMV is calculated without taxes; but for other platforms, like Walmart, GMV includes taxes. Walmart DSV’s API does not provide the cost of items, so the total that Walmart sells products for must be used to calculate GMV.

Please also note, Amazon FBA and Walmart WFS orders are excluded from GMV calculations

GeekSeller does NOT process and is not involved in the transactions between sellers, buyers, and the platform. GeekSeller is not a third-party payment processor. We do not issue 1099-K forms or any other forms required by the IRS and provided by Payment Settlement Entities (PSEs) who process third party payments GeekSeller should be treated as a software expense on your tax return.

Below examples of orders from different marketplaces, showing which data will be used to calculate your GMV.

  • Walmart DSV
    Please note, GeekSeller is not able to use the Total Cost value shown below, as this value is taken from data which is manually modified by sellers in GeekSeller panel, and it is used for informational purposes only. Walmart API does not provide the cost value.
  • Google Express


Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your billing.